Special This Week!

Your Store is back again and this time in the window of 826 Valencia.
Drop by and check out the first of three rotating window displays.

The Stop Requested!  window display will be on view until April 21st.











Many thanks to the students who participated in the  Meet the Mission workshop and who made such unique buses for the display: Cole, Shane, Lucia, Amaia, Jude, Diego, Allegra, Nicolas, Jake and the teaching assistant Emma Peoples.




Missed it the First Time?

Your Store ATA Window_01

We are so excited to let you know that Your Store is coming back to the Mission – this time we’ll be in the window of 826 Valencia.

Introducing new items. 

The project will expand by featuring some of the most popular topics of conversation with displays that rotate during the run of the show. These displays will highlight specific themes  of change, concern and appreciation.

Full stocked for two months!

Look for Your Store in the window of 826 Valencia Street in San Francisco from April 1 – June 1, 2014.


We want to hear from YOU.

More opportunities to give your feedback and also share your stories will be happening on this blog and in the widow at 826 Valencia.

More soon!



Meet the Mission: Part 2

At the second “Meet the Mission” workshop at 826 Valencia we talked about Dolores Park as a community-gathering place and natural environment in the city. The park offers something for everyone because it’s free, open to everyone and offers many public events and gatherings to people in the community.


Building on the skills the students developed on the first day, the kids worked collaboratively to create plants, shrubs and trees out of cardboard which will become part of the your store window display featuring Dolores park.


The students also created their own currency (because money doesn’t grow on trees).
Many of the things the kids produced in these workshops will be integrated into the Your Store window display that will show at 826 Valencia for two months starting in April 2014.


Meet the Mission: Part 1

Earlier this year, we ran a workshop at 826 Valencia called “Meet the Mission” where we talked with kids about city living and how people get around by walking, biking, driving or taking the bus. Some people take the muni, some ride a bus to their office, some ride the bus because they want to reduce pollution or, can’t find a parking space for their car (if they have one)!


The kids designed and built their own bus sculptures out of cardboard including a Coke bus, a double decker bus and a flying bus.


Since the window display will ultimately resemble a retail shop we also brainstormed some slogans that might entice people into the store.
Here are a few gems…

“90% SALE”
“BUY 24 and GET ONE 2% OFF”


Returning to Valencia

In April we’ll be installing a new Your Store window at 826 Valencia!

The window will have three rotating displays that will highlight some of the most talked about stories that were told to us so far. Stay tuned for more details about the exact opening dates.826_Your_Store_01

Closed until 2014

Your Store is now closed but stay tuned for future appearances on Valencia Street in 2014. Closed









Thanks ATA for hosting us and thank you Rainbow Grocery Cooperative and the Awesome Foundation for supporting us. It was a really great month!

4 Days Left!


Your Store Closes October 30th!
See the “.com bus” pinata!  Join the hipster social club. Witness rent prices go up before your very eyes. Read love letters to Dolores Park and reminisce about when Bi-Rite grocery was a kids hangout.

Miss Your Store Already?
Your Store just might re-appear before too long. If you have an empty storefront in your neighborhood? Let us know!

We would love to hear from you.
Leave a story or send us a message.

Sounds Around

We created an animation based on a story told by one Missionite about the sounds he hears on a weekly basis in his neighborhood.

“When I wake up and open my window I hear chickens across the street. Bak, bak, baak. During the day I hear people laughing over lattes at Atlas and on Wednesday nights folks looking for bottles in our recycling bins, bluegrass humming from Atlas on Thursday evenings, (a) shopping cart pushed by the older man with patchy skin who listens to KBLX on his radio. Sometimes (he) yells at the sad woman with him. The soundtrack of 20th and Alabama.” - Roni

Click here to see the animation based on his story.

Mission Mixtape








Visit the Your Store window at 992 Valencia to see more animations about the neighborhood.

Up until October 30th.

Mission Rent

The stories we were told about little affordable housing, evictions and the increased cost of living in the Mission district gave a gloomy outlook to the future of the neighborhood. They also served as inspiration for this particular animation in the Your Store window. Click here to see it.















Visit the Your Store window at 992 Valencia to see more animations about the neighborhood.

Up until October 30th.

Cheap-Eats and MS. Pac-Man

Chris grew up spending a lot of time in the Mission district because his Grandma lived there so naturally he had lots of stories about the neighborhood. Chris remembered details like…where the scariest Halloween haunted house was, where he bought a 55¢ after school snack and how he earned “streetcred”.

Here’s an animation of one of his stories. https://vimeo.com/76782870

Your Store Ms Pac Man Drawing

Visit the Your Store window at 992 Valencia to see more animations and read more stories about the neighborhood.

Up until October 30th.