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Sarah Klein and Kathryn Kenworth are the collaborative artist team behind the Your Store project.

Sarah Klein is a San Francisco artist and curator. She works with live-action and stop-motion animation that use paper cutouts and stop-motion techniques to create narratives on domestic life and related themes. Klein is the curator of a screening program that features animation works by visual artist and filmmakers called Stop & Go (2008-present).

Kathryn Kenworth is an Oakland based sculpture and installation artist newly working in the area of social practice artworks. Her recent work includes collaborative pieces that focus on community practice and person-to-person exchange. Her project Non*Mart (2009-present) is an ongoing social experiment that offers alternatives to consumer culture by encouraging the re-use of materials and promoting trade-based exchange.

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  2. So beautifully artfully done. Thank you for this treasure – after living here for 9 years and raising my children for 6.8 years, I am only beginning to understand the meaning of Neighborhood (as pertains to San Franciscsan definitions and now nextdoor.com units). Do we have the police kick out the prostitutes or are they residents too?

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