These Tales are Telling

Curious about the people who live – work – visit the Mission?

We were too so, we spent several months talking with people in this vibrant neighborhood. We used the conversations we had as inspiration for the things you see. These images reflect a moment in time, what people are missing, what people value now and what people are hoping for.

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•”La Boehme is one of the only coffee shops that have not changed.
Most coffee shops around here you have to have a laptop to get in.”Your_Store_Books_Cropped

•”I am Hispanic and I grew up here. My grandmother lives across the street from me. I think gentrification has been good for business. Why not partner with the new businesses coming here rather than resist? Culture isn’t race & blood related…we are all people.”


•”The first time I rode the 33 MUNI where it makes that crazy turn onot market, the whole bus applauded. I couldn’t believe it…what enthusiasm and urban vigor. So the next time I was on the 33 and the driver made that fateful turn I brought my hands together ready to applaud, but the bus was silent. I had mistook the last ride for an everyday occurrence. Silly me.”


• “I came to the Mission when I was in 2nd grade. I ate Mexican food and I think our teacher was flirting with the tour guide. It was the first time I saw a man pee in public. Now-a-days it’s not so bad to see a man pee in public.”Your_Store_Animation_Murals•”The murals are fun to look at…and they are always changing. The boutiques are fascinating. The Mission is the hottest part of the city and people go to Dolores Park to hang out. At the end of the day you’ve discovered something new and had fun and you hope it lasts forever.”


Photos by Anita Su



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