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Fresh press

Read our interview on the design and style blog of Dot&Bo.


Our Moneyfesto

Last Sunday we set up shop at the Headlands Center for the Arts Open House but rather than sell goods we gave people money…in Your Store currency that is! The five denominations, called Moneyfesto were designed with local flora and fauna. The money asked people to connect rather than consume and suggested different modes of action or interaction.



The Moneyfesto topics included…

Ask a Headlands artist to tell you about who their favorite artist was as a child.

The buildings at the Headlands are reportedly haunted. Ask a staff member or volunteer to tell you a story about the spirit world at the Headlands.

The natural environment at the Headlands is constantly evolving. Help advance geology 10,000 years and carry a rock down the hill.

The Headlands Center was once an important military base. Next time you see someone, give them a military salute.

 Your_Store_Headlands_SK_overviewYour_Store_Headlands_KK_TypingWe were also busy during Open House writing up a some Moneyfestos on the spot.

 Your_Store_Headlands_Cash_Reg2Each Moneyfesto was printed with the slogan “We Give You The Moneyfesto – You Give It Value”



Your_Store_Headlands_atRegisterTypically we are not manning the Your Store project in person so for this event it was really great to talk with folks about what we do. Being at the Headlands  gave us an opportunity to talk about the project’s past as well as our hope for it’s future.


Headlands Open House

Your Store goes native!

one day only at the
Headlands Center for the Arts open house


This Sunday! July 20th
We want to pay YOU to participate.

Experience Community!
See art!
Meet people!
Dip your toes in the ocean!
What more could you ask for on aSunday afternoon?

Come visit us in building 960, studio #14. We’ll be there from 12 – 5PM.
For directions to the center click here.

Sorry We’re Closed

Your Store is now closed.


Next appearance will be at The Headlands Center for the Arts on July 20th.
Check back in later this summer for more details.

Hurry! Last Chance

 There are only 5 days left to see
the Your Store window!

Special_SignSadly, Your Store will vacate the window of 826 Valencia Street and leave our friends at the Pirate Store on June 2. Hurry up and rush down to see our current window about Dolores Park and it’s  checkered past and coming future in the Dolores Park Gazette. Pick up your copy today.




Dolores Park Timeline (Part 3)

Lastly, here are two magazine covers and a short timeline that highlight some of the recent renovations the park has gone through over the years and the current construction that is happening in the north end of the park.

Dolores Park Rennovations
– In 2008 a bond is approved to make renovations in the park.
– In 2010 playground renovations begin.
– In 2012 the Helen Diller playground opens to the public.
– In 2014 North End renovations begin by clearing ground for new tennis courts, new restrooms, handicapped-accessible pathways and new irrigation/electrical systems.


Just one week left to see the full installation in the window of 826 Valencia!



Dolores Park Timeline (Part 2)

These two magazine covers, that we created for the Your Store window display, offer an even deeper impression of why Dolores Park has been a significant gathering place for people in neighborhood in both good times and bad. The full installation is on view in the window of 826 Valencia until June 1st.




Dolores Park Timeline (Part 1)

These days, especially on the weekends,  Dolores Park is a very happening spot in San Francisco.  So it was no surprise that when we asked people to tell us stories about the Mission District many people mentioned the park.  In the Dolores Park Gazette, now displayed in the window of 826 Valencia, we offer a short timeline of the park history.







You can see all these gazettes in the window of 826 Valencia. Up until June 1, 2014.

Extra! Extra!

Special of the week in the Your Store window is the Dolores Park Gazette – a chronicle of the changing times on the little plot of green know today as Dolores Park. Issues of the gazette start in 1769 and go up to the present day. Can’t see what the headlines say in this picture? Then you’ll have to stop by the window to find out more.Dolores_ParkInWindow

In the window of 826 Valencia until June 1, 2014.


Nice to Meet You

Thanks for coming to the Meet the Makers event at 826 Valencia last Friday. It was nice to meet you and hear your stories and concerns about the neighborhood. Our talk inspired a long discussion afterwords about the city and it’s changes.

As the makers of Your Store we are creating a gathering place for these stories. We try without judgement to best present, in animation and sculpture, what has been told to us.  The Your Store project reflects a diversity of opinions and experiences.  Not everyone will agree on what they see in the window but the objective is to illuminate the collective voice and find some common ground.

 Your Store Meet the Makers _01

Your Store KathrynYour Store Klein

Your Store Meet the MakerWe wish to give a BIG thanks to Caroline (pictured in the middle) for organizing this event and for inviting Your Store to 826 Valencia!

Your Store will be in the window of 826 Valencia until the end of May.