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Tell Us Your Story This Sunday

We had a great time the last time we participated in Mission Sunday Streets.
This Sunday,  July 28th from 11-2 pm we’re setting up our typewriters in front of 992 Valencia Street.  Stop by tell us what you know about the neighborhood.










Need directions?

Do you know the Owl Man?

owlsHere’s a story about the window:

The owl window on Dolores at 18th has been there for a really long time. It’s just someones front window filled from top to bottom with different owl tchotchkes.  A few years ago a friend of mine moved into the building and was living upstairs.  When I visited my friend for the first time at her new apartment I asked her what this “owl person” was like. My friend just said he was nice.


Sneak peak look at Your Store owls.



Here’s more info about Mr. Owl Man of Dolores Park!

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What’s a kids point of view of a neighborhood?

We were curious to find out so we held a workshop with kids and walked around the neighborhood to look for inspiration. The kids brought note pads to sketch, write and document what they saw. We helped them turn their notes into animations and sculptures that will become part of the Your Store installation at Artist Television Access in October.

Thanks to 826 Valencia for hosting our Create and Animate workshop.

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Photos by Anita Su


Create & Animate – day 2

On the second day of the workshop we worked with the kids to turn their sketches and ideas into animations and cardboard sculpture. 18 copy12 copy27 copy24 copy30 copy38 copy33 copy42 copy50

Photos by Anita Su

Mission Sunday Streets

Join us on July 28, 2013 at Mission Sunday Streets.

Meet us in front of Artist Television Access
992 Valencia Street (at  21st Street) between 11-2 p.m.
to tap out your story on one of our vintage typewriters.