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Stories From You. Sketches By Us.

These are some stories that we collected from folks at Mission Sunday Streets in April.
Visit us again when we set up for Sunday Streets in July. Stay tuned for more information!

•  “Bi-Rite was where you could buy booze, cigarettes, milk, and play Ms. Pac-Man. You got “streetcred” by playing good at Ms Pac-Man .”
From Chris a S.F. resident who’s Grandma lived in the neighborhood.

• “When we got trash cans on Valencia Street it made a huge difference.”
From a resident who has lived in the neighborhood since 1981.

• “I once lost a camera without realizing it here on Valencia Street…later that day, a small group of folks approached and said “There they are!”. I turned around bewildered and they presented me with the camera that I didn’t even know was missing. They found it and looked through the photos…they saw a sliver of a rainbow sweater…(and) they were able to match it to the photos on the camera.”
From Isaac who typed up his story on one of our vintage typewriters.


Sketch_02_sm Sketch_01_sm


Women’s Bars, Bookshops, Baths

We recently received an email from Joel Pomerantz of Thinkwalks who recalled this memory of the neighborhood…

“Valencia Street was, as far as I know, the only (or first??) business district anywhere that was ever noticeably oriented toward what I’d call women-identified non-heterosexual culture, especially focused on lesbian community culture. Artemis cafe, Old Wives’ Tales bookshop, Osento baths, various art shops, the Women’s Building and the Lexington Club. Only the last two are still open.”

Thanks Joel for sharing your observation. We will definitely find a way to represent this in Your Store.


The Women’s Building is still at 3543 18th Street between Guerrero and Valencia Street.